The Hourglass Project Edit

The Hourglass project is a work in progress by Something with Meaning. Currently in the writing development stage, Hourglass is slated to be an interactive story revolving around a time traveler with amnesia, a beleaguered librarian wizard, and a quirky trio consisting of an alchemist, assassin, and ronin. This wiki serves primarily as a way to easily present character sheets, planning mechanics on the world of Vista, and generally being able to sort information better. Once the project picks up speed, this wiki will serve the same purpose, but will have a concrete finalized narrative to present for your pleasure. Until then, expect pages to be very fluid and sparse as we get to writing it.

Warning: this entire wikia is one big great spoiler for Hourglass. Almost all of the pages here are written with the assumption that the full story has been revealed, which can spoil significant story twists.

The wiki is currently in an incomplete status. You are fully welcome to explore, but as it stands we have around ~100 pages - and we have 400 pages worth of information to input!

Hourglass is being developed by ''Something with Meaning'', a group composed of Rice (on concepts), Mianon (on development), and DarkRainfire (on art).

Feel free to observe and suggest! Thank you for stopping by.

Hugs and kisses, Mianon and Rice.

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